Is the festival environmentally sustainable? We do our best to be so.

  • All beverage products are organic except vodka.

  • All beverages are served in reusable/washable cups and straws are not being used.

  • Trash will be sorted

  • Our t-shirts are organic, wristbands and totebags are made in eco friendly materials

  • We do our best to limit the use of stuff that cannot be re-used another time (like banners, confetti).

  • Most of the food served is organic and plates are eco friendly materials.

We urge you to help move things. You can help with:

  • Sorting your trash at the trash stations.

  • Not bringing confetti and glitter.

  • Bring your own water bottle or buy one at our bars and take advantage of our free drinking water station.

  • Use the pocket ashtray (you’ll be offered one when you get your wristband).

  • Don’t print your ticket or timetable, but download it to your phone.

  • Take a bike or public transport to the festival please.